alanAlan Stahl (Princeton University)

Lee Mordechai (SESYNC & Hebrew University in Jerusalem), (609) 356-6375


Lee designed the application, tests it and imports new datasets when relevant (using Python). The code for imports is available here.


Advisory Board

Picture2Helmut Reimitz (Princeton University), (609) 258-6449




Developer (ArcGIS, Javascript)

Pavle picture Pavle Jovanov (Freelancer)

The application is developed using MVC 5 and ArcGIS API for Javascript. The maps are published as REST services using ArcGIS for Server 10.3.1. We are using SQL Server 2012 for our database.

Current Contributors

Picture12Lorenzo Bondioli (Princeton University) – North Africa –




Picture4Merle Eisenberg (Princeton University) – Southern Gaul, (917) 576-1449




Picture13Lara Fabian (University of Pennsylvania) – South Caucasus, webpage:




Picture10Andrei Gandila (University of Alabama in Huntsville) – The Balkans


Picture6Tommi Lankila (Princeton University) – Southern Italy


Picture8Rory Naismith (King’s College London) – British Isles


Picture16Ruth Pliego (University of Seville) – The Iberian Peninsula


Picture3Jane Sancinito (Oberlin College and Conservatory) – Syria and Egypt, (609) 954-7713


Giuseppe Sarcinelli (Università del Salento) – Southern Italy


Picture15James Shackelford (University of Pennsylvania) – Sasanian Empire


Picture7Alejandro G. Sinner (York University) – Iberian Peninsula, (647) 928-0490


Picture9Paolo Tedesco – Central and Northern Italy –


Felege-Selam Solomon Yirga (The Ohio State University) – Aksum

Picture11Luca Zavagno – Eastern Mediterranean Islands



Data Contributors

The following individuals and institutions have generously contributed or provided private/open access data to FLAME. More detailed write-ups of these datasets and descriptions of how they were processed can be found here.

Portable Antiquities Scheme – UK (PAS UK dataset)
Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire (CHRE dataset)
Andrei Gandila (Thessaloniki dataset)
Peter Philps (Early Islamic dataset)