Phase I – the revised spreadsheet

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Dear colleagues, Continuing our project, I am sharing my revised version of the first step of the Framing Early Medieval Coinage Project, covering Mints, Metals and Denominations between 325-500. The spreadsheet I am sharing with you is fairly complicated – more »

Update – February 17 (2014)

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All   I hope you’ve all gained access to the site by now at If not, check with Lee (who’s taken on the thankless task of webmaster) about logging in. For those of you with gmail accounts or some other more »

Notes on virtual meeting of November 6, 2013

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Participating: In Princeton: Alan Stahl, Lee Mordechai, Merle Eisenburg, Jan Van Doren, Paolo Tedesco By remote connection: Andre Gandila, Emily Kirkegaard, Jane Sancinito, Luca Zavagno, Tommi Lankila   Modification of geographical responsibilities: Alejandro: Iberia Benjamin: Frisia, Britain Jan: Northern Gaul, more »

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