We are looking for existing coin datasets! With the increasing size of FLAME’s database, we are continuously looking for existing coin datasets to import and add to FLAME in order to improve the project’s coverage over time and space. Several projects and individuals have already contributed their data (details here), and we negotiate the details with contributors based on their specific needs, for example by restricting access to the data until it is published. We give dataset contributors access to the latest version of our application, and encourage them to suggest improvements and additional features to it. Dataset contributors are acknowledged on our website, and we will also put up a description of how we converted the data and share the code used to do so to allow for transparency and accessibility.

We are also looking for volunteer collaborators to explore late antique coin circulation through data input & cleaning, collecting information about new coin find publications, or analyzing the data we’ve already gathered. Additional collaboration options are possible as well!

For more details about either option, please reach out to us here or directly at lee.mordechai@mail.huji.ac.il.