Phase I – Update, January 22 (2014)

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I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Lee for getting this all pulled together and distributed; if any of you have trouble opening his spreadsheet, please let him know (and copy me in).
Similarly, I’d like to encourage all of you to work on your areas and add them to the spreadsheet. Again, if you have any technical questions about doing this, let us know. You should know that Lee has been able to find all this from scanned copies of the RIC available online (at least with a Princeton login); if you want help in getting access to these resources, let us know.
For those of you working on areas with little or no minting in this era, the question of what was circulating there between 300 and 500 is perhaps even more crucial than to the central parts of the Empire, so I encourage you to begin to search for hoards and excavation reports that will constitute the main resource for Phase II.
And, I don’t think it too early to begin discussing the historical implications of what we’re finding. For example, Lee and I have kicked around with no real explanations, the existence of three mints in the Propontis (very near Constantinople, away from most military activity) whose production appears not to be closely correlated with that of Constantinople or each other. I think it will be easiest for us to throw around thoughts (half-formed as they may be) via reply-alls [if you wish not to be included in these, let me know], so the historical questions arise as we are assembling the numismatic data.
Best to all for the New Year.
Alan M. Stahl
Curator of Numismatics
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