Notes on virtual meeting of November 6, 2013

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In Princeton: Alan Stahl, Lee Mordechai, Merle Eisenburg, Jan Van Doren, Paolo Tedesco

By remote connection: Andre Gandila, Emily Kirkegaard, Jane Sancinito, Luca Zavagno, Tommi Lankila


Modification of geographical responsibilities:

Alejandro: Iberia

Benjamin: Frisia, Britain

Jan: Northern Gaul, Germany

Emily: Southern Gaul

Tommi: Western Mediterranean Islands, South Italy

Paolo: Northern and Central Italy

Andrei: Balkans and Central Europe

Lee: Balkans, Asia Minor

Luca: Eastern Mediterranean Islands

Jane: Levant, Egypt

Merle: North Africa


Phase I: Spreadsheet of regional minting

As the reforms of Diocletian and Constantine are not a major focus of the project, it was decided to begin with Constantine’s assumption of power, c. 325; Phase I and II will continue to run to 500.

The closing date for Phases III and IV was put back to 750, at least for areas in which that is a better date than 700

At least for Phase I, rows should be divided by year rather than decade.

At least for gold, columns should include distinctions of denominations

The basic spreadsheets can be made in Excel. Alan will work with Princeton IT to set up a site where data can be shared. Jane is working on a Google Docs template. Excel spreadsheets can be copied and pasted into Google Docs, but it should be noted that embedded comments will need to be re-imbedded.

Deadline for posting of results of Phase I: end of January, 2014.


Alan will set up a site for the sharing of data and the posting of files. This will also contain background material, such as scans of relevant sections of the Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Coinage

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