February 10 (2014) – our site launches!

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Dear colleagues,

I am glad to announce the opening of our modest site (courtesy of Google Sites) which will serve as the main platform for working on our Coinage Project. The site is still under construction, but we would be glad to receive any comments or idea that might improve it.

The site’s address is https://sites.google.com/site/princetonframingcoinage/home. It is currently closed to the public and only open to specific Google accounts. You can currently all access the site using the username // password: <email me for these> . If you want to edit anything on the site, you’ll need a Google account (these are free, and whoever has a Gmail account should have them). Once you have such an account send me an email to give you editing permissions. If you don’t want to deal with the technicalities and just want to make a change, let me know and I’ll do it.

The site’s various pages are supposed to help us better coordinate our work. They are mostly obvious, but I’ll go over them to clarify things:
Project Definition (un)surprisingly covers our main plan and stages, as agreed several months ago. 
The Team
 page will include about a paragraph on each project member, together with their contact information (it currently includes rather creepy pictures and Latin placeholder texts). To edit these you could either send me a picture and short introduction about yourself, or do it yourself by editing the page once you have editing permission.
Task List will cover the specific tasks each of us has\will get, including due dates and a complete tick box. This would help us all understand what stage of the project we’re at. It is not full at the moment and will likely have more specific tasks after our next meeting.
Project Updates is supposed to cover the major emails \ announcements we had and will have in the project, keeping them for further reference.
Files will have direct links to the worksheet(s) we’ll be working on as a group. It currently has the worksheet I sent you the link a few weeks ago – which you can access more easily through the site. As we move forward with the project more specific worksheets\files will be added.
Discussion – will be a centralized place for project-related discussion (although you can post comments on several of the pages, this page would serve more generalized issues). Since it is a Google Group, you’ll need to create the aforementioned Google Account in order to use your own name. Also, once you do that you’ll be able to get notifications to your email once messages are posted there.
Home \ Main – this page has a short introduction about the project, together with a few items from the Task List and the Project Update pages.

We might have some problems with getting accounts and permissions to work at first, and editing the site through the Google Sites platform isn’t the most intuitive thing. Nonetheless, we strongly believe that the site’s benefits for organizing and coordinating our work far outweigh these relatively minor issues and would make the project easier for all of us.

Again – please let me know if you encounter any problems\issues, or if you have any suggestions for the site.

All best,

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