Framing Early Medieval Coinage project online meeting (May 29, 2014) – a summary of our digital forms and workflow

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Dear colleagues,

Following up on our meeting yesterday, I wanted to reiterate how we are currently planning the digital forms for both parts of the project. I am attaching screenshots of the forms for better visualization, and would be glad to receive any further comments about anything in the forms or the proposed workflow.
Part I – this refers to the part we are on now, namely examining the mints and their activity over the 337-~700 period. Instead of using the Excel tables which have become cumbersome and hard to read, especially when looking at a lot of data, we are planning to create a database which would be easier for computers to interpret, which in turn will allow users to pose queries and receive relevant information (instead of being flooded with it). In order to create this standardized database we are planning to use a single form (its screenshot is named First part form).
This form is pretty straightforward, and might be best understood as replacing a cell (single or merged) in the excel spreadsheets we are currently using. Here, we are currently working on making things a bit more efficient to save time in the long run.
Part II – this is the circulation part which we are planning to begin working around December 2014 \ January 2015 and are trying to plan things ahead so once the project reaches that point we should already have the digital tools available. Again, standardized information would allow users to pose queries and receive answers (we’ll think about both of those in future).
Each of us, when starting to work on a publication, will fill in the “Coin Finding” form (see Coin Finding screenshot), upon which he describes the actual finding in a broad manner. This includes, among other things, its location (via Pleiades), whether this was an excavation or a hoard, periodization of both the coins and the excavation. The idea is that this form will be filled once for each publication.
After doing so, the users (we) will move to the “Coin Group” form (see Coin Group screenshot), and fill it numerous times, for each different denomination, mint or ruler’s name\image on the coins. There is already an option to select an “unknown ruler” (see Coin Group screenshot with unknown ruler) which opens up alternative fields. We are currently working on adding imitation coins; we will add the option to insert a Minter’s name (thanks Jan!). Finally, the connection between this form and the previous “Coin Finding” one is through the Name field – it should be a list of excavation\hoard names (based on what people input in the previous form).
I hope this will help you in understanding what is going on, and please ask questions or comment upon these forms!
All best,

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