Framing Early Medieval Coinage project online meeting, Thursday, May 29 (2014), 11:30 am EDT

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As planned, we will be having a brief online meeting on May 29 to discuss progress and problems. It will also be an opportunity to welcome the newest participant, Dr. Rory Naismith of Cambridge University, who will be taking on the British Isles. Though Rory’s specialty is Anglo-Saxon coinage, the breadth of his background and interests is evident in his article “Gold Coinage and Its Use in the Post-Roman West” in the current issue of Speculum.
We have scheduled the online meeting for Thursday, May 29, 11:30 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time as a Google+ Hangout. In order to participate, you will need to have a Google+ account and add me to your Circle: I am Alan Stahl aka . Once you’ve created your account, let me know your name and email for this purpose at least a day before the Hangout.
For those of you in Princeton, we will be meeting in Firestone 1-8-H (our usual seminar room), starting at 11 a.m.
The website is running well; those of you who do not have password access to it, contact Lee Mordechai, , to set it up. Similarly, for those of you who have not yet posted a picture and bio on , please do so – I’m tired of looking at avatars and Latin gibberish.
Remember, we’ve set as the next phase for entering issues the years 500-565, to cover all of the mints opened/re-opened by Justinian in the West, as well as the Burgundians in Gaul, the Suevi in Iberia, etc. This gets us into the period of pseudo-imperial coinages, which are hard to slot into an issue table; let’s adopt the convention that if there is no specific information on which to date a pseudo-imperial issue, we will enter it into the spreadsheet in the years of the reign of the emperor which it copies (or the years of the specific imperial issue copied). At this point, please put your entries on an Excel spreadsheet, formatted in rows year-by-year and columns for mint and denomination as before, and email the spreadsheet to Lee, who will mount it on the site. Similarly for those whose earlier entries need editing – or who are not caught up on their earlier entries, send the data by email to Lee for mounting. The deadline for getting all issues up to CE 565 is June 1, 2014; if your schedule won’t permit this, let me know.
I look forward to seeing all of you, physically or virtually, next Thursday and hearing your thoughts about the progress of the project.

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