Oct. 1 – Framing Early Medieval Coinage project – report on yesterday’s online meeting and update on spring face-to-face meeting

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Just to clarify and add to a few things Alan mentioned:
1. EVERYONE: Sometime during this month, please send me a simple list of the mints and coin types (metal and denomination, e.g “gold solidus”) appearing in your region. These will be used in both the form which Alan linked and in the digital database for the next stage which is still in progress. Please try to include as many mints and types possible – providing a fuller list now will save you (and me) time in the future.
2. If you are interested in using the form rather than the database, please test it sometime during this month (try to input a few years of mints and coins) and email me with any feedback you might have – especially things specific to your region. By this testing phase I hope to avoid large-scale changes the form might go through after your feedback and save you the time to input some or all of your data again.
3. Once the form is up and running in a month – there will be two ways to input information – whoever is more comfortable with the spreadsheet can continue to use it, whereas whoever finds it complicated will be able to use the form – which is straightforward. Once the work for this stage is completed around January, I will standardize all the data into one database.
4. If there is no minting in your region until a certain period (560 or later), please email me with the year in which it does begin together with the first mints. This is due at the end of October. If there is minting, please catch up till 560 by the end of October as well. This should not take more than 5-10 hours of work.
I will be glad to answer any questions you might have about any of this.
All best,

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