Oct. 1 – Framing Early Medieval Coinage project – report on yesterday’s online meeting and update on spring face-to-face meeting

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Several of the participants in yesterday’s online meeting (myself included) expressed frustration that not all members of the project have gotten caught up to the CE 560 date for coin issues for their areas. All mint issues up to 560 should now be online, and all of those up to c. 750 should be completed by the end of January.
Some of you have areas that saw no minting before 560 – in such a case, send an Excel table to Lee with the names of the mints that you will be working on for the remaining decades and indicate that there is no coinage known from these mints before 560. If you have already communicated to Lee and me that you have specific time constraints that will soon disappear and that you will catch up by the end of January, we will take that into account. Otherwise, if you have not gotten caught up by the end of October, your area will be reassigned.
It is still OK to report coin issues by sending an Excel spreadsheet as an attachment to Lee. However, we want to get the online Issues form working, as it will be linked to the Finds form when we enter the circulation phase of the project. Try entering a couple of issues from your area at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Oqgf9caCJfMgLdYhlW55qaR0nQE69f1IIUSQ5Kz3Ndo/viewform
. You may well note that not all mints and denominations from your area are on the dropdown menus – send Lee a list of such missing mints and denominations (and anything else that would be necessary to enter the minting information for your area up to about CE 600) so he can get it all prepared.
The plan for the face-to-face meeting is for a first day in which each participant gives a presentation on how minting in the region he/she has been working on developed in the period 300-750 and we work to contextualize all of these areas into an overall pattern of development. The second day would be given over to working out how we will approach (and limit) the task to assembling the data on coin finds to provide the basis for an overview of circulation in the same period.
Of the May-June period we have originally discussed, the weekend of May 22-24 seems the best for most, but a couple of people won’t be available then. We would therefore also like to consider a date during the spring semester, with the weekend of March 27-29 the most promising. Would everyone please get back to me as to whether you would be available on either or both of these weekends, and where you would be travelling from on each?

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