Dec. 19 – Framing Early Medieval Coinage project – update on March meeting

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The Princeton committee to review our grant application for the March meeting will be viewing our website as part of making its decision in January. Therefore, it is essential that all of the minting entries be brought up to 650 by New Year’s with the goal of getting it all up to 750 by the end of January. Lee is back in the States with good wifi access so anything you send him can be mounted quickly.
The next stage will be circulation. While the mechanism for recording and displaying this is one of the prime subjects for consideration at the March meeting, it will be helpful as we plan for that to have you share with Lee and me your opinions as to what sources make sense to use (i.e. published, from other databases, inferred from museum collections), parameters such as the inclusion of single finds, and the degree of detail recorded respecting issue variants and the like.
I’ll let you all know as soon as I’ve heard about the grant for the March meeting.

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