Sept. 4 – Framing Early Medieval Coinage project – Fall update and online meeting scheduling

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I hope it has been a productive summer for you, both within the project and outside it. Our goal of getting minting up to about 565 online has been surpassed for Constantinople and Balkan Byzantine Mints, thanks to Andrei and Lee, who have gotten the spreadsheet at  up to CE 600. However, we are still lacking issue data for the other areas for the period. Our longer-range goal is to get all of the issue information through about 750 complete by the end of 2014. The online entry system is still in development, so please continue to send your minting data as Excel spreadsheets to (Lee is in Genoa for the year, but will continue to be the coordinator of the data and webpage). By the beginning of the new year, we should have the system for entering coin finds online; for now, store that data in whatever format will allow you to upload it efficiently in the future.
I think it would be useful to have an online meeting at the end of this month, once we’re all settled into our fall schedules and can be realistic about the time we’ll be able to devote to the project. From my vantage point, an online meeting on Tuesday, September 30; Wednesday, October 1; or Thursday, October 2, would work well, with suggested time at either 10 a.m. or noon, New York time. Let me know which, if any, of these times would work for you.
Alan M. Stahl
Curator of Numismatics
Firestone Library, RBSC
One Washington Road
Princeton, NJ 08544
(609) 258-9127

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