September 5, 2015 – FLAME updates

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Dear FLAME (Framing the Late Antique and early Medieval Economy) participants,
A few matters a new academic year begins, other than our brand new acronym(!):
– First, I would like to introduce a few additional participants in our project who will work on additional areas: James Shackelford (UPenn) will work on Persia and Felege-Selam Yirga (Ohio State) will work on Axum – both will give us important coverage which we were lacking. We are also getting someone to work on East Germany, Poland and S/W Ukraine (circulation only), and are still looking for someone to do Russia and Scandinavia.
– In addition, I wanted to inform you all that we are almost done with building the tools for the circulation stage. Hopefully these would be ready in a couple of weeks for each of us to begin testing them. This took longer than expected due to certain digital difficulties, but we’re almost there!
– Finally, we have an opportunity to present our project and interim findings at a special panel at Kalamazoo (mid-May 2016). If you would be interested in doing so please let Alan and me know as soon as possible.
All best,

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