September 18, 2015 – Stage 2 (BETA)

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Dear FLAME participants,
Afte a few months of development, our software is finally ready for us to begin our second stage – input data about coin circulation. I am attaching the current version of our general instructions and a tutorial you can follow together with the attached article. Access to the site is through our Google Sites’ main page (click on thesolidus)- you will need to do that in order for the system to identify you using your Google credentials. I would like to remind you all that this is a beta phase, meaning that for the next month we will make sure the digital infrastructure we have built fits the data and publications from all our varied regions. For this reason, we agreed that each of us would partially input five different publications over the next month (deadline: 18 October – enter several coin groups from five different publications), and provide any relevant feedback by that date. Once we conclude this beta phase we are unlikely to make significant changes in our digital database structure so please speak up sooner rather than too late. More detailed instructions are in the attached manual.
I would also like to remind any of you that would like to be on our Kalamazoo panel (mid-May 2016) to let Alan and myself know as soon as possible.
Finally, we are planning to have a large conference at Princeton, in which we will present the final version of the project’s next phase, and which we intend to result in a publication. Other than the project’s participants, we intend to invite several big names in the field, such as Cecile Morrisson and Michael McCormick. We are currently planning this conference to the 15-17 April weekend. If you have anything planned for this weekend, please let us know ASAP.
PS – please take a minute or two to update your bio on the “The Team” page on the site (edit the page by clicking ‘E’, then simply edit it), or write a new one if you don’t have one yet.
All best,

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