October 24, 2015 – Phase 2 Beta Stage

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Hi all,‬‬

‪I wanted to update you on a few matters regarding the FLAME project following our beta test. As almost all of you entered the publications and coins we agreed upon, we currently have 2,500 coins in our system from all across the areas we are covering – great job! Over the past week, Alan and I met with our software developers to discuss the main issues you have raised in an attempt to improve our current system and make it more efficient. A list of some answers to common issues and another list of the matters we are looking into are at the bottom of this email. ‬‬I am attaching the new updated version of the manual to this email. 

‪Other than this, some of you raised a few issues which we should discuss and decide upon together, which are listed in our site’s forum at:
https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/flameproject (of course, feel free to raise other questions there for discussion). The most important of these is the pace in which we will continue to input information, an issue that came up already in our spring meeting. Briefly put, we should decide upon a number of publication or a number of fillings of Form 2 over a certain amount of time. Please enter the link above and share your opinion over the next week or so, so we could reach a more-or-less consensual decision and find a balance between each of our workloads and advancing the project (while not continuing this forever). The link to the forum is also accessible from the site (the large Discussion icon on the left) and you should receive an invitation email at the same time you receive this email. ‬‬

‪Conference dates: After checking with most of you it seems that more people will be able to attend the 
29 April – 1 May date, so we are setting these as the final conference dates.‬‬ If you are unable to come to Princeton, you will still be able to attend all or part of the conference via video conference (including giving a talk). 

‪We can wrap up this discussion/feedback phase in a week or two and then resume working on the project with the results derived from these discussions. For those of you who emailed me about changes they would like to have in their data – I will email you separately to resolve those cases. Other than that, it seems that entries you have already done will not have to be re-entered.

PS – Please use this time to also update your profiles on our website!

‪All best,‬‬


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