Bi-weekly update (18 Jan.)

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Hi all,

I hope everyone is having a productive winter break; as planned we will continue to input data over the next two weeks. The next batch is due by 1 February, two weeks from today (bringing the total amount of Form 2 fillings you should have to 500). 
We have hired a freelancer to work on our digital maps; he is currently revising the map from our first stage. We have also started hiring research assistants, the first of which will be responsible for making sure all our data in the database is standardized, and a second who will go over some of the main numismatic publications and extract the references from there to a centralized site for us all to use (divided geographically). I’ll send more updates about these once we figure out the specifics.
Finally, our conference is taking shape and we’ve more or less finalized the list of external speakers. I’ll provide more information in a concentrated manner in the near future.

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