Bi-weekly update (1 Feb.)

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Hi all,

Another couple of weeks passed with more developments on our side (see below). We’ll continue to input data as planned over the next couple of weeks. The next batch is due by 15 February, two weeks from today (and the total amount of Form 2 fillings you should have by then is 600).
Our freelancer mapping designer has been busy recreating our Minting map more professionally in preparation for our April conference. I’ll also introduce our newest members, Sucharita Ray, who will work on Northern Gaul, and Radia Soulmani, who will work on cleaning and standardizing our databases once we complete the site renovation many of you have noticed since yesterday – please let me know if you find any issues with the new style. As in my previous emails, we’ll hire a few other research assistants in the near future as well.

For those of you who are looking for additional sources of publications to input, the dissertation of Richard Hobbs, Late Roman Precious Metal Deposits c.AD 200-700, is freely available online ( and includes a large number of references for almost all our regions. By the way, Hobbs will attend our April conference. You can also search Roman Imperial Coinage Vol. X which includes additional references. For more specialized references, look at this list of Open Access Ancient Numismatics Journals –

Last but not least, I’ll use this opportunity to congratulate Alex for the birth of his daughter, Cassia Garcia-Laboviti (Jan 14), and Luca for his recent appointment at Bilkent University.
All best,

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