Bi-weekly update (15 Feb.)

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Hi all,

Two more weeks have passed with additional developments here at Princeton (see below). We are continuing to input data as planned. The next batch is due by 29 February, two weeks from today (and the total amount of Form 2 fillings you should have by then is 700). 
April Conference:
For those of you who have confirmed coming to the conference (and are not from Princeton) – please purchase your own airline/train tickets using standard rates, and we will reimburse you – I am attaching the guest reimbursement request form; please complete it and submit it when you get here in April. Keep in mind that we are booking your rooms starting on the night of 28-29 April and until the night of 30 April-1 May (overall three nights). As for our invited speakers, we currently have confirmations from Stefan Heidemann, Richard Hobbs, Jonathan Jarrett, Cecile Morrisson, John Naylor, Vivien Prigent, Peter Sarris and Florin Curta; another person or two might join us as well.
FLAME is (still) growing:
We also have three new members – Ishanya Anthapur is FLAME’s new administrative assistant; she will help us all meet our deadlines and make sure we’re on the right track to reach our long term goals. We have also hired Aryana Navarro and Misako Benso as research assistants; together with Merle they have begun systematically surveying some of the general numismatic publications for relevant references for all of us, which they will divide according to region. This should help us all reach and use references more quickly, although this will not be a replacement for the more specialized numismatic publications in each region. I will send a more detailed description of this arrangement once everything is in place.
Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.
All best,

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