Bi-weekly update (29 Feb.)

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Hi all,

Things have been moving on here at Princeton (see below). Over the next two weeks we will continue inputting data as planned. Our next batch is due by March 14, two weeks from today. Ishanya will follow up with each of you individually after this email. 
April Conference
I am currently working on the April conference schedule; please send Ishanya/me a title for your presentation at your earliest convenience. Those of you who worked on Phase I (minting) will present on Saturday, 30 April – these should be standard presentations (20 min); those who joined us for Phase II (circulation) will have brief presentations (5-10 min) on Sunday, 1 May. These should be short surveys of what you have worked on so far and any challenges you have encountered. These would open up a broader roundtable discussion regarding our work on Phase II.
General References System
Following up on discussions I’ve had with some of you, we have begun our pilot extracting references from several general numismatic publications, with the help of our research assistants Aryana and Misako. These should be helpful for you all to find additional references to hoard and excavation reports for your regions. You can look at the Google Docs table that has all current entries here:
Once there, you can look for relevant references for your own region through column D (location). Most of the columns are self-explanatory. A few notes:
– If you use (or have independently found & used) an entry, please mark YES under column I (“Used (Yes/No)”). This will allow us to archive entries that we’ve already used.
– If there is some mistake or problem with one of your entries, please leave a message about it under column K (“User Comments”), or as a comment on the relevant cell (gray button on the top right).
Any feedback about this part of FLAME would be appreciated.

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