Feature under development: marker clusters

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One of the first features we had wanted to develop for FLAME’s Phase II: Circulation was the Marker Cluster. This is meant to quickly show users how many coin finds or coins were found in a given area. When using a broad perspective, for instance the entire Mediterranean, a high concentration of find spots in a small geographical region, such as Sicily, would obfuscate the map and the number of finds. The marker clusterer feature ameliorates this situation by showing clusters of markers when the map is zoomed out, and splitting those markers into smaller markers and eventually single find locations when zooming in. Clicking on the markers zooms in a level and breaks them, and clicking on a find provides some of the basic data about that find. The image below shows the data we have for the Mediterranean. The larger brown circles represent clusters, while the number inside them refers to the number of finds they aggregate. The smaller brighter and solid circles mark single find spots (which could have any number of coins).




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