Feature under development: find focus

A similar development to FLAME’s Mint Focus feature, covered in a recent update, is its Find Focus feature. Just as in Mint Focus, users can select a find spot, whether an excavation or a hoard, and a time interval (the default is FLAME’s entire timespan). The application will then visualize where all the coins in the find were minted at, differentiating between locations based on the number of coins within the excavation or hoard. In the image below, the find location near Catania, Sicily, is marked by a small solid yellow square. All the places in which the coins within the hoard were minted are marked by purple circles, with the size of the circle roughly corresponding to the amount of coins from that mint, visualizing that most coins in the hoard are from Constantinople and Sicily. The left side of the image includes a table with all the mints together with the number of coins they have within the find. Clicking on Graph visualizes the years in which these coins were minted smoothed to 10-year intervals. In this case, we’re looking at a mid-sixth century hoard in which all the coins were minted within less than half a century of each other. As always, these visualizations are based on the data within FLAME’s database, so in case future research changes the attribution of one or more of the coins and this is changed in our database, this graph might look differently.



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